Depression and Games

I thought this was a good article from Rock Paper Shotgun talking about depression and gaming.

I don’t have too much to say on this subject, except that depression is a serious illness and should not be trifled with.  We all go through low periods in our life (including myself), and during those times it is important to talk with someone you can trust about your feelings.  The stigma surrounding depression and mental illness is beginning to ease, but it is still very real in our digital age.  There is no shame in having a mental illness, no more than having cancer or some other malady.  Depression does not discriminate.

If you are feeling blue during these cold winter months, please talk to someone that you trust or seek professional assistance.  I find that physical activity (especially out in the sun) can make me feel a whole lot better, and when it’s just too cold to go outside a little gaming doesn’t hurt to chase those blues away either. 🙂

Take care.


About carnagepcgame

I have been a PC gamer since 1988 when my dad brought home a Commodore Amiga 500 home for Christmas. My favourite genres are Racing and First Person Shooters.
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