The Day I took Maggie to the Vet

Maggie, in a tranquil moment…

A little story I told a while ago about when I took my cat Maggie to the vet for a checkup/needle.  It was not a pleasant experience for either of us, as you will see below:

HI All,

I just had to tell you the incredible story of Maggie’s visit to the vet last night.

It started out like any normal visit to the vet; coaxing her into the carrier and then whisking her away to the Brealy Drive Animal Clinic.  We arrived and got Maggie weighed (8.3 lbs) and then waited nervously in the waiting room for the Doctor.  Maggie paced around the room, jumping up on the table, jumping back down, going back into her box.  She couldn’t get settled.  Even the energy bracelet that she loves to play with was ignored. 

Finally, the Doctor made his entrance.  At that point, Maggie was under the table and I had to pick her up and place her on the examining table.  The Doctor was very gentle as he began examining her, carefully feeling her neck and belly, and that is when all hell broke loose.  Maggie went from docile house cat to raging tiger in a split second.  Her low register growls went to a high pitched scream as she began ferociously attacking the vet.  Hair was flying everywhere like a tornado.  The vet had Maggie pinned down with both hands and it seemed like it took all his strength to keep her there.  At this point he called to his assistant to get the “rattlesnake handling gloves” and she rushed in to bring them.  I don’t really remember how he got them on and still manage to control her, but he did.  Maggie continued to struggle and scream, and that is when (and I still can’t get the image out of my head), she opened up her legs and pissed all over the table and the floor.  The pungent aroma of cat piss filled the room.  “You’re not going anywhere, Miss Maggie” he said.  As he was waiting for the assistant to get the needle, he used Maggie’s OWN BODY to mop up the urine on the table.  I just about shit.  “Quick, get the needle in” he said urgently to the assistant.  As soon as the vaccine was administered, he yelled to me “get the cat box”, and in rushed Maggie.  It was all over as quickly as it began.  I stood there stunned, surveying the copious amounts of hair and cat urine everywhere.

The vet says there is nothing that can be done to change her and that he deals with this kind of thing on a daily basis.  He said it is likely that Maggie was born as a feral (wild) cat and didn’t have much contact with humans at birth and that is why she acted so violently to someone touching her belly other than me.  Indeed, the “fight vs flight” mechanism got switched on that day.

Anyways, that’s my story.  She seems ok now, but I just can’t seem to get it out of my mind.  Poor Maggie spent the rest of the evening licking herself clean again.

The End.


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