Loadout looks mighty tasty


A quick post here.  I wanted y’all to know about a neat upcoming game called Loadout that I found out about on TotalBiscuit’s WTF Is? series on YouTube. 

Loadout is a 3rd person Free-to-Play (F2P) multiplayer shooter with very stylized graphics.  So what, you say?  Hasn’t that been done before?  From what I’ve seen thus far, what sets it apart from its competitors is the insane amount of weapon customization available from the get go.  You can mix n’ match all manner of attachments to create the perfect weapon, for example you can have a penta-rocket launcher – that’s right, 5 rocket launchers on one barrel.  Awesome.

Check out the beta going on right now.  I am awaiting my beta key as we speak.


About carnagepcgame

I have been a PC gamer since 1988 when my dad brought home a Commodore Amiga 500 home for Christmas. My favourite genres are Racing and First Person Shooters.
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