Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends

As I have written about in previous posts, my favourite gaming genre is car racing.  I loved my first Test Drive game (The Duel: Test Drive II), and I have never looked back having played most of the Need For Speed series,  Simbin’s GTR series/GT Legends, and ISI’s RFactor. Continue reading

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Inner Vision – a ‘game’ about suicide prevention


I know I haven’t written in a while, but I thought this was important enough to post here on my blog.  Sunil Rao has created a game called Inner Vision where the player must try to convince those contemplating suicide to not go through with it.  It takes the form of various dialogue choices and I felt it was very touching.  The game demonstrates the power of talking with someone you trust about your problems.

I am happy to see that video games are breaking out and tackling difficult issues such as suicide because it shows that the medium is growing up.  Can video games be employed to save lives?

To see the original article on Rock Paper Shotgun, click here.

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SEEING WITH NEW EYES – Claiming Our Faith In Times of Transition

Recently, I attended a parish mission at St. Anne’s Church in Peterborough, Ontario (Jan 27-29th, 2013) and I thought I would post my notes online for the benefit of others. Continue reading

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Depression and Games

I thought this was a good article from Rock Paper Shotgun talking about depression and gaming.

I don’t have too much to say on this subject, except that depression is a serious illness and should not be trifled with.  We all go through low periods in our life (including myself), and during those times it is important to talk with someone you can trust about your feelings.  The stigma surrounding depression and mental illness is beginning to ease, but it is still very real in our digital age.  There is no shame in having a mental illness, no more than having cancer or some other malady.  Depression does not discriminate.

If you are feeling blue during these cold winter months, please talk to someone that you trust or seek professional assistance.  I find that physical activity (especially out in the sun) can make me feel a whole lot better, and when it’s just too cold to go outside a little gaming doesn’t hurt to chase those blues away either. 🙂

Take care.

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Save the internet!

Stop the government-takeover of our Internet – please sign the urgent petition (link)

As citizens of the world and Internet users, we call on you to reject any changes to current Internet regulations that would weaken or alter the free and open nature of the Internet, or give any government or body the ability to infringe on Internet users’ rights to free speech, free access to information or privacy. We also demand that any proposed changes to current international Internet regulations be publicly debated, and subject to citizen input and approval.



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The Walking Dead Impressions

You’re a good man Lee.

I just finished the 5th and final episode of The Walking Dead (Telltale Games) the other night, and I just had to write about it. Continue reading

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Never Stop Fighting

I love this quote!

Nhan Fiction

View original post

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Movember Success!

I just want to thank all of those people that supported me during my Movember campaign.  With their generous support, I was able to beat my goal of $305 and go all the way to nearly $400!!

Also, my team “The Ontario Public Staches” was able to raise a total of $756.  Way to go!


The Ontario Public Staches
(left to right: James Arnold, Me, Bart Young, Ian MacIsaac)


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Andrew’s Haiku

Hey Garth!  That was a haiku!

I have decided to write my very own haiku detailing my experience as a Geomatics Technician at work.  It keeps with the standard 3 line, 5 syllable, 7 syllable, and 5 syllable format.  Enjoy.

The mouse goes click click

Sketching the land remotely

Earth becomes vector

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Movember Update

Here I am in all my hairy wonderfulness!  Thus far, I have raised $135 and I am told that more donations are coming in via snailmail and online.  Keep them coming!  I need to surpass my goal of $305.

Kindly donate to me here:  http://mobro.co/AndrewCarnegie

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